Shaun Caine, the owner of Caine Farming (Pty) Ltd has been participating in the livestock and meat trade since 1974. He had a vision to develop a cattle feedlot for the production of quality beef for the meat trade, resulting in the purchase of the farm on which the feedlot is located in 1980 as a vacant property.

This particular site was chosen for the development of a cattle feedlot due to a combination of favorable factors for feedlotting, which were the local climate of the area, a firm shale base, ideal slopes for drainage, the large water source of the Albert Falls dam nearby and direct servitudes to the Umgeni River. Progressive development in the interim has seen this feedlot develop to an infrastructure capable of feeding 35 000 cattle.

In 2000, the Board made a strategic decision to construct an abattoir on the property, adjacent to the feedlot, which was completed and opened in 2002. The abattoir has successfully developed into a beef processing and retail packing plant capable of marketing all the feedlot’s stock. Thus Triple A Beef has become a leading, vertically integrated business, purchasing stock directly from livestock producers, feeding and growing them through the feedlot and marketing a variety of quality meat products to the trade.

During this period, surrounding farmland has been systematically acquired for the production of quality fresh ingredients for the cattle’s consumption. Numerous centre pivots irrigate large tracts of arable land reusing the water from the abattoir. A variety of winter and summer crops are grown for feeding directly from the lands or the making of silage.

Since this inception in 1980, Shaun Caine, together with his Directors and Management, has developed an integrated livestock and meat business, whose success is built on consistently high standards of business principals and ethics, ‘Producing Quality’ in all that they do.