Producing fresh quality feed

When the feedlot was initially started on the current location in 1980, it was on a property of 130ha. In 2016, this now exceeds 1000ha, which has been a strategic accumulation of neighbouring land to produce feed for the ever increasing number of cattle accommodated within the feedlot and on pasture.

Water management at Triple A Beef

Water Management

Waste water from the processing plant is channeled into a sequence of dams, which act as digesters, and the water is naturally cleaned to irrigable quality standards. This waste water is used for irrigation to grow summer and winter crops and grasses, for the making of silage or to be fed fresh to the cattle.

This irrigation requirement, in excess of 300ha, ensures no water is wasted making this farming enterprise unique and self sustainable.

Large quantities of fresh grasses and crops are harvested daily

Within this highly intensive farming operation, large quantities of fresh grasses and crops are harvested daily and mixed into the ration immediately ensuring a fresh and highly naturally nutritious, palatable ration is presented to all cattle.

An allegiance has been formed with neighbouring farmers within the surrounding community to grow maize on a contract basis, which is used for the production of silage. Over 40 000t of silage is produced annually to form a large portion of the rations and to ensure food security for the cattle in the feedlot.