Achieving high housekeeping and cattle husbandry standards

The feedlot was developed on a small scale in 1980, feeding 1000 cattle. The infrastructure and number of cattle grew as the business developed into the current establishment which accommodates and feeds up to 35 000 cattle.

Management prides itself on its housekeeping and cattle husbandry standards which ensures all cattle are nurtured, stress free and healthy.


Feed is carefully formulated from natural ingredients

to provide optimum palatability and nutrition to allow the animal’s daily requirements to be met, giving maximum comfort and satisfaction. Feed is delivered to the cattle 3 times daily, guaranteeing freshness and adequate quantities for all.

This combination of physical and nutritional factors provides the basis for tender, tasty beef supplied to our customers daily enabling the 'Producing Quality' slogan to be held high.

Further expansion is planned

for the short and medium term to enable the business to keep ahead of the ever increasing demands for its products.

Expanding feedlot future