An abattoir was designed and established adjacent to the feedlot

between 2000 and 2002, for Triple A Beef as a whole to benefit from the associated efficiencies offered by this strategic alliance. The advantages of cattle walking, instead of having to be transported, from the feedlot to the abattoir are immeasurable in terms of a reduction in stress and improved meat quality. The facilities are currently capable of producing 480 beef units, 15 tons of offal and 45 tons of primal cuts.

Triple a beef meat processing
Triple a beef meat processing-1

Export approved facility

Following the high standards set at the feedlot, it was the companies mission to achieve the highest food safety standards. Striving towards this goal, the abattoir and deboning plant is an export approved facility. Strictest production processes in a modern infrastructure and the adherence to the strictest hygiene and food safety standards sees safe, quality beef products with optimal shelf life produced for all customers and consumers.

Own distribution

An efficient operation, coupled with outstanding service delivery in its fleet of refrigerated vehicles has required that the business continually expands to satisfy an ever increasing demand.